Integrated Logistic Solution

Integrated Logistic Solution

E-waste comes from electrical components is a major apprehension because of its alarming increase as well as the perilous materials within them that could cause harm on humans and the environment if not treated properly.

We at Virogreen make the e-waste recycling procedure easy with our efficient integrated logistic solution. The logistic solution for e-waste collection is necessary to minimize the mentioned negative effects.

Integrated logistic solution has always been more challenging, and over the last few years Virogreen has developed a highly efficient and extensive reverse logistic network. In order to maximize asset recovery from electronics, materials need to be picked up from several locations. And this is where Virogreen integrated logistics solution offers a major advantage.

  • Our Integrated logistic solution manages reverse logistics for all electronic assets
  • We collect them from end of life and make them refurbish able to second inventory

With nationwide network, and customized IT solutions, Virogreen is the only leading ewastecompany in UAE with full scale, low cost, efficient reverse logistics capabilities to collect ewaste from Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and also from other emirates in UAE. Virogreen’s integrated logistics solution is backed by strong process with tightly integrated robust IT solutions, developed in-house, which help push the competence to the next level.

Integrated Logistic Solutions in UAE

Why Choose Virogreen?

  • Strong processes and robust IT solutions
  • Reverse logistic solution through the nation of UAE
  • Designed, implemented, managed across different clients and locations
  • Tailor-made solutions based on client requirements
  • Reduction of costs for our partners as a result of Virogreen’s integrated system
  • Management of client’s complete returns collection system


Our Aim

We are aiming to support individuals as well as companies recover value of their used resources and increase market visibility through CSR initiatives. We guarantee safe disposal of e waste materials and we provide our customers with data destruction certificate. 

Our recycling process guarantees safe disposal of Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment (WEEE). We provide our customers with a Green Certificate of Destructionwhich helps companies in accomplishing their Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) for keeping our environment clean. 

Certified eWaste Management Company in Dubai

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We Are Professional

Virogreen is one of the professional E-Waste recyclers with vast industry experience. We provide skilled and exceptional e-waste recycling services throughout the UAE.

We Meet Environmental Compliance

We offer E-Waste management solution under the environmental guideline of UAE. We are committed to provide certified e-waste recycling services.

We Prevent Data Breach

We effectively destroy your data and prevent data from breaching. We make sure 100% data erasure through three-step procedure.

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