Corporate & Consumer Waste Recycling in UAE

E waste Recycling in UAE

As corporate and consumers continue to digitalize their lives, they are buying and discarding larger volumes of electronics. This results in a growing waste stream of broken, obsolete and unwanted electronic equipment, more commonly referred to as WEEE or else e-waste. Discarded e-waste can be challenge to recycle because electronic products are complex devices manufactured from changeable proportions of glass, metals and plastics.

Virogreen has been at the front of transforming the electronics recycling industry into a growing success story. We have led the industries in UAE in building recycling infrastructure to support a sustainable ecosystem of product use, planned end-of-life disposal, and a methodical recycling process that extracts maximum value from discarded equipment, while creating green jobs.

Corporate sectors and consumers can recycle computers, peripherals and televisions at an e-waste collection point and be assured devices will be recycled securely, efficiently and to the highest environmental standards.

Virogreen offers complete E-waste recycling services for scheme programs including:

  • Certified electronics and computer recycling facilities conveniently located in major populations center sin UAE
  • Recycling of WEEE, including small domestic appliances
  • Convenient pick-up – we provide roll-offs so you don’t have to palletize
  • Everlasting collection sites to support long term recycling programs
  • Single point of contact to streamline communications and enhance accountability
  • Extended partnerships with electronics manufacturer for complete stewardship

Want to get more help with e-waste management? Talk to our experts now! We offer you with cost-effective E-waste recycling services.

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Our Aim

We are aiming to support individuals as well as companies recover value of their used resources and increase market visibility through CSR initiatives. We guarantee safe disposal of e waste materials and we provide our customers with data destruction certificate. 

Our recycling process guarantees safe disposal of Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment (WEEE). We provide our customers with a Green Certificate of Destructionwhich helps companies in accomplishing their Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) for keeping our environment clean. 

Ewaste Recycler in Dubai

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Ewaste Recycler in Dubai
We Are Professional

Virogreen is one of the professional E-Waste recyclers with vast industry experience. We provide skilled and exceptional e-waste recycling services throughout the UAE.

We Meet Environmental Compliance

We offer E-Waste management solution under the environmental guideline of UAE. We are committed to provide certified e-waste recycling services.

We Prevent Data Breach

We effectively destroy your data and prevent data from breaching. We make sure 100% data erasure through three-step procedure.

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