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Telecom equipment can be recycled or reused successfully at the end of their life. Recycling of telecom equipment ensures that precious materials can be reused, avoiding the extraction of new raw materials. An environmentally sound recycling process will also ensure that potentially toxic materials are disposed of in a secure manner.

The metals extracted during the procedure including gold, platinum, palladium and silver are put back into reproductive use. About sixteen percent of typical telecom equipment is considered high value materials. So you should always go for telecom-waste recycling!

Types of telecom equipment we recycle:

  • Mainframes
  • Networking
  • Telecoms
  • Digital and analogue broadcasting
  • Mobile communication infrastructures
  • Cabinets
  • Base stations
  • Telecommunication Servers
  • Desktop
  • Computers circuit cables


Telecom Equipment Recycling in Dubai

Environmentally sound treatment of end-of-life telecom equipment need sophisticated facilities that cannot be duplicated in every country. We at Virogreen provide supreme quality telecom equipment recycling services.

As Dubai’s leading recycler of telecom equipment, Virogreen is committed to the highest standards as well as responsible waste electrical and electronic equipment collection and  recycling as well as disposal.

Our Aim

We are aiming to support individuals as well as companies recover value of their used resources and increase market visibility through CSR initiatives. We guarantee safe disposal of e waste materials and we provide our customers with data destruction certificate. 

Our recycling process guarantees safe disposal of Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment (WEEE). We provide our customers with a Green Certificate of Destructionwhich helps companies in accomplishing their Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) for keeping our environment clean. 

Telecom Equipment Recycling in Dubai

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Telecom Equipment Recycling in Dubai
We Are Professional

Virogreen is one of the professional E-Waste recyclers with vast industry experience. We provide skilled and exceptional e-waste recycling services throughout the UAE.

We Meet Environmental Compliance

We offer E-Waste management solution under the environmental guideline of UAE. We are committed to provide certified e-waste recycling services.

We Prevent Data Breach

We effectively destroy your data and prevent data from breaching. We make sure 100% data erasure through three-step procedure.

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