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Recycling of medical devices has always been a part of the medical device life cycle, in both the developed and the developing economies in the world. While it has now renovated into an imperative, cost-saving, sophisticated process in developed economies, since the economic recession, the process is prevalent in countries such as UAE.

Recycling is aimed purely at reducing costs. It is a systematic science that promises to decrease healthcare spending in the long-term, provide cost-savings within a year and provide respite to the shrinking bottom lines of hospitals. The recycling of medical equipment and the reuse of devices labeled as single use, although in its nascent stage, is expected to change the medical device industry over the next five years.

List of used Medical equipment that we recycle:

  • Pacemakers
  • Defibrillators
  • Drug-releasing pumps
  • Hearing aids
  • Diagnostic equipment
  • Monitoring equipment




Why medical equipment should get recycled?

With the emergence of plastic materials, hospitals, sterilizations techniques needed to change. They became more complex as well as focused on safety. Recycling is now taken up as a third party process. Virogreen specializes in recycling to ensure cost savings for hospitals as well as help increase their bottom lines. We at Virogreen use secure methods to destroy digital data stored by your facility. The most secure way is total destruction by shredding, grinding or melting. If you are in search of medical equipment recycler, then consider hiring us! We offer round the clock services throughout UAE.

Certified Medical Equipment Recycling Company in UAE

Our Aim

We are aiming to support individuals as well as companies recover value of their used resources and increase market visibility through CSR initiatives. We guarantee safe disposal of e waste materials and we provide our customers with data destruction certificate. 

Our recycling process guarantees safe disposal of Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment (WEEE). We provide our customers with a Green Certificate of Destructionwhich helps companies in accomplishing their Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) for keeping our environment clean. 

Medical Equipment Waste Recycling in Sharjah

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Medical Equipment Waste Recycling in Sharjah
We Are Professional

Virogreen is one of the professional E-Waste recyclers with vast industry experience. We provide skilled and exceptional e-waste recycling services throughout the UAE.

We Meet Environmental Compliance

We offer E-Waste management solution under the environmental guideline of UAE. We are committed to provide certified e-waste recycling services.

We Prevent Data Breach

We effectively destroy your data and prevent data from breaching. We make sure 100% data erasure through three-step procedure.

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