As technology continues to evolve and business incorporates the newest and updated equipment to provide a competitive edge, there is growing need for the proper disposal of e-waste.

Electronic waste, also known as end-of-life electronic devices, comprises everything from televisions to flashlights, CD players as well as VCRs. Large and small appliances, as well as cell phones also are considered forms of e-waste.

In the workplace setting, some of the most common examples are computers, laptops, monitors along with towers, printers, phones, keyboards, calculators as well as lamps.

Although there are services that renovate, recycle or safely dispose of these items, a large quantity of e-waste still ends up in a landfill. In fact Environmental Protection Agency estimates that sixty percent of discarded electronics end up in the trash. Virogreen is one of the leading e-waste management companies in UAE; ensure highest level of e-waste recycling. We aim to provide finest e-waste management services to save the environment.

E-Waste Recycling with Data protection

Data security and e-waste management are deeply entwined. Every memory-based device that is inappropriately recycled or disposed can have its data harvested for precious information.

When a company is rigorous about its data protection practices, it may likely engross the reorganization of data from outdated sources such as obsolete hard drives, servers, and other data-sensitive hardware.

We at Virogreen as the one of the foremost e-waste recycling companies in UAE, ensure highest level of data security and saves your data from being breach.

E-waste can be Hazardous Waste

Dispose of e-waste properly – Numerous electronic devices enclose perilous chemicals. If they aren’t disposed of securely those chemicals can pose a safety hazard to populace, animals along with the environment! In addition to contaminating soil, dangerous wastes can contaminate the air and leach into water sources.

For instance, the law views non-functioning cathode-ray tubes (CRTs) from TVs and monitors as dangerous materials. These tubes are utilized to create images on a screen. They are considered perilous because they also contain lead.

Here are a few examples of the perilous waste electronics hold

Leaded glass: Computers as well as television screens contain leaded glass, which is a venomous heavy metal.

Cancer-causing elements: Batteries carry unstable and cancer-causing elements such as cadmium, lithium as well as lead.

Mercury: Some appliances like gas hot water heaters along with chest freezers enclose mercury switches. When mercury isn’t appropriately disposed, it may create serious health issues such as respiratory as well as skin disorders.

Proper Disposal May Be Regulated

 As anindustry, you’re subject to local, state as well as federal regulations regarding e-waste disposal. UAE, for example, has several laws that address e-waste from items such as computers, cell phones along with CRTs.

Not following these regulations can effect in solemn fines that could be shattering to your company.

A licensedrecycler will know the safety as well as legal regulations that must be followed.

If you are in search of such certified e-waste recycling in Dubai, consider hiring Virogreen! We offer finest e-waste recycling services at an affordable price!


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