Are you looking for best place for e-waste recycling in Dubai?

Virogreen is one of the leading e-waste recycling companies in UAE that provides certified e-waste recycling services throughout Dubai.

We offer dedicated e-waste management services to help you get rid of old technology. We also offer data security by premium data destruction services.

Save money and environment with Virogreen

Virogreen is your one stop solution for all types of electronic recycling Dubai to save money as well as environment. Recycling with us adds up to savings as well as benefits for everyone.

Why it is important to recycle e-waste?

Most electronics devices contain numerous different toxic materials that can leach into the soil or else into the groundwater, as well as toxins can also be released into the atmosphere when this trash is burned.

While placing these items in landfills is now illegal in Dubai and many other countries, in some other countries, this practice still continues today.

When electronics waste is burned, it releases toxins like lead, cadmium, and mercury into the air as well as water. These toxins can bioaccumulate within the food chain, which does not just negatively impact wildlife but our health as well.

Numerous electronic components also contain PVC plastics as well as brominated flame retardants, and when they are burned, they release toxic dioxins and furans.

Process of e-waste recycling process

Manual sorting and separation – e-wastes are manually sorted, and components that should not be shredded or else crushed are removed by hand like batteries, UPS battery systems, toner cartridges, and fluorescent lights.

Shredding – an initial size reduction step shreds the electronic items into primary and a secondary size reduction step further breaks down materials into even smaller fragments that are well suited for the process of separation.

Metallic and non-metallic separation – other metals, such as aluminum, copper, and brass are separated from non-metallic materials, such as glass and plastic. Severance occurs through Eddy currents, optical identification, as well as magnets.

E-waste is an incredibly complex waste stream, as it encompasses a wide range of items as well as the exact composition of numerous electronic components are considered to be trade secrets, meaning they are the confidential information of the manufacturer

To help solve this problem, Virogreen guarantees responsible as well as sustainable recycling of electronics, including sustainable electronics recycling international. Visit Virogreen to deposit your e-waste now!


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