It is to be noted that the world’s generates far too much trash that needs to be disposed. These days, a foremost concern has been something more explicit e-waste.

How to handle e-waste in UAE ?

It’s a number game, but massive one; by 2016, the world started generating about forty-four million tons of e-waste each year. It has been estimated that this is the equivalent of sending 125, 000 jumbo sets to the trash heap each year.

The problem of course, is one we all recognize: technology. As technology becomes more advanced, the life extent of our devices just keeps getting shorter. For numerous products simply get thrown out once a newer and more sophisticated version comes out, or once their batteries die, to be replaced with new devices. Manufacturers, intentionally build devices to eventually become obsolete.

The fast growing number of unwanted devices means the amount of e-waste being sent to landfills is skyrocketing- and with it comes an environmental indicating time bomb in the form of toxic chemicals inside those devices that can contaminate our soil, water as well as air.

The good news is that there are efficient and successful ways to resolve the growing environmental problems that e-wastes pose. And one of the most proven solutions is through recycling in UAE.

The challenge is frequently in getting that message out a wider number of people globally. If they can make it part of their weekly routine to recycle plastics, cans, and newspaper; why not a used e-waste as well?

Handing E-waste challenge with Recycling! What are its benefits?

It can diminish pollution

E-Wastes have a lot of toxic chemicals which are injurious for the health of human beings, as well as the environment. Those around

are always at peril of suffering from some serious ailments as well as health disorders, due to breathing of toxic chemicals in these materials. Once e-waste is allowed to lingeron the land in an unprocessed manner, they can infect ground resources. By recycling e-waste matters, you can diminish the amount of pollution in soil, water and air in all over United Arab Emirates.

It can lower landfill space

By opting for e-waste recycling, you can lower the amount of space required for landfills purposes, and you can make sure that these areas can be used for housing or else agriculture purposes.

It can produce employment

with recycling more and more employment opportunities can be shaped. With more e-waste recycling facilities being set up as well as the existing agencies hiring more employees for the recycling, you will be able to save nature as well as support the economy.

It can avert long-term damage

exposure to nickel, cadmium, lithium, mercury, glass as well as various other components contained within electronic material can cause long-term damage to health and the environment. There can also be cancerous developments in some cases, which is not uncommon. Other than human beings, animals and pets also suffer from cancers and other health hazards.

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