E-Waste is a major problem that is overlooked and holds serious drawbacks to the environment. When this category of waste is not disposed appropriately, it ends up in landfills or being dumped in seas, and they begin to release harmful chemicals that enter the air, damaging the atmosphere. Plus, when these harmful substances go into water, these chemicals also harm land and sea animals.

Steps to follow for ending discarded e-waste

  1. Bring it to the recycler – Virogreen is one of the leading e-waste recyclers in dubai that offer supreme options to help you recycle old electronics. We also offer drop-off locations for rechargeable batteries as well as cell phones all over the U.A.E to find a location, just enter your ZIP code at Virogreen.ae
  1. Donate it – if your used electronic device still works, then probably you can donate them to a charity or non-profit out there that would be happy to take it off your hands. You can start by verifying local senior organizations as well as recreations center. Ensure to get a receipt so that you can deduct your donation on next year’s return.
  2. Take it to a Tech Firm – Numerous electronics manufacturers as well as retailers provide robust recycling programs. A tech firm lets you search programs by products or company.

Significance of e-waste recycling in UAE

The equipments that are redundant by the original user produce the e-waste. The e-waste items can integrate up to thirty six diverse chemical elements; by weight, a typical monitor may contain as much as six percent of lead. Depending on the type as well as the epoch of the discarded material or else electronic objects, the chemical composition may diverge. The several metal alloys especially Cu, Fe, and AI attached or else mixed with several ceramics or else plastics. When electronic wastes burns at a low temperature, it produces the Polyacrylic Aromatic Hydrocarbons.

Concerning environmental defense, there is a strict legislation by which there are rules and principles for e-wastes, particularly for computer wastes. Detection of a high amount of certain substances in the waste materials confirm the hazardous nature of the e-waste, this is according to the Hazardous waste Regulation.


Disposing corporate E-Waste with certified e-waste recycler protects environment as well as reduce environmental pollution. Choose Virogreen as your e-waste recycler and enjoy seamless experience of disposing corporate e-waste.


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