The useful life of electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) is getting shortened due to the advancement in technology and continuous change in consumer patterns. We all want to stay updated with latest form of technology and gadgets which is creating large quantities of electronic waste (e-waste) that needs to be managed. E-waste burning at incinerators, disposing in landfill or exporting overseas are longer possible due to environmental pollution and global legislations. In addition to that, the presence of precious metals (PMs) has made e-waste recycling attractive economically.

VIROGREEN MIDDLE EAST FZ LLC is one of the leading electronic waste recyclingcompanies in Dubai, offering the best e-Waste management solutions of all kinds, assuring proper handling of your electronic waste, signifying complete end-of-life solution. We offer e-Waste recycling services in Dubai, so that our clients will remain free from the accumulated e-Wastes, preventing the environment getting polluted.

It’s fact about electronic parts and equipments, including computer materials bound to get obsolete one day. We offer the most comprehensive and secured recycled solution for unwanted computers and other electronic products. Through our state-of-the-art recycling facility, we handle e-Waste recycling needs in the following ways:

  • Collection or pick up e-Waste materials
  • Recycling of all types of discarded Electrical and Electronics equipment
  • Recovery of the valued materials to get the resale value
  • Ensure the recycling is done in eco-friendly manner

So companies have to take note of the following things while choosing the best recycling service:

  • What type of recycling service you want? Is it domestic or business property? Is it in an outdoor location?
  • Know about the techniques the recycling companies offer.
  • Whether the staffs of the facility have been trained to operate the latest recycling equipments
  •  Look for recycling tactics to be employed in addition to what an expert would advise.

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