Advancement of technology is at its peak. You can witness a new piece of technology almost every day. Electronic gadgets with new features force the consumers to buy new ones. Whether, it is about smartphones or computers, people change their gadget every year. This, as a result has increased E-waste in UAE. Thousands of gadgets are being dumped every minute. And all these E-wastes goes for landfilling, making it worse for the environment.

Even a memory chip on your device is valuable.Throwing it away in the bin is depreciatingits value. Thus, instead of throwing it and depreciating its value, it would be best if you recycle all your old gadgets in UAE.

Understanding the importance of recycling

According to reports, many people in UAE are still not aware about the proper disposal method of E-waste recycling. Thus, the initial step is proper disposal of E-waste.

Almost all the E-waste are dumped in the landfills. The hazardous metals in an electronic waste like old computer, desktops, and any other appliances seeps out harmful chemicals. These harmful chemicals pollute the soil, and theunderground water. All these toxic substances in these electronic wastes deplete the environment and takes about 100 years to degrade. Thus, it would be best if your recycle these wastes to e-waste recyclers.

Things to consider while you are recycling old electronics

If you are looking to recycle your old electronic appliances, here are few points that you should always keep in your mind

Check for authorized recyclers

If you want to recycle your E-waste, you should always go for a certified recycler. There are many recyclers that you can find in UAE. But before selling your old electronics make sure that you check their certification. Certification also helps you ensure that the recyclers is disposing or using the E-waste in an appropriate way.

Check whether they provide data deletion services

Every electronic item that you sell has precious data in it. Some of them also may be confidential for your company. Thus, before selling your E-waste makes sure that the recyclers offer you data deletion services. In this services most of the E-waste recyclersdeletes all your data before any further process. This provides assurance that none of your data would be misused.

Ask for Acknowledgement

You should never trust a recycler without any sorts of certification or Acknowledgement. If you are selling any of your electronic items, you should always ask for Acknowledgment for recycling your electronic items. It helps you ensure that all your E-wastes are recycled for a green cause. And you have a proof that they are going to safe hands.If you are looking for a reliable recycler, you should contact Virogreen.


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